First Batch of Puzzle #808

Since my last post on Model #808, I have learned a lot about machining and manufacturing. For one, I realized I needed a professional mechanical engineer to do the tolerancing of my design and prepare proper design drawings. I had previously tried to get by with the .STL files generated by my 3D design tools. For another, I learned that cost is not the only factor to consider when choosing a machine shop. I am now working with J&J Machine Company and these guys are outstanding!

But here’s the important news: the first batch of puzzles came back last week and I have assembled two of them so far. Drum roll please! Ta Dum:


I have to admit, I am really pleased with how the engraved logo looks: red ink on the matte black (bead-blasted) anodized aluminum. The bottleneck will soon be me. Next week I expect the remaining puzzles to arrive of this limited edition run of 100. Once I get the machined pieces, I have several manual steps to go through: adding the red ink, adding the internal pieces (I won’t spoil the fun by saying what they are!), hand numbering and signing the puzzle, and doing the packaging.

It has taken a long time to reach this point but it won’t be much longer before Model #808 is ready for sale so check back soon!