Popp’s Tricklock T8

I’ve been meaning to post reviews of some of my favorite puzzles for a while now and Rainer Popp‘s Tricklock T8 has the honor of being my first review!

I will be brief:

  1. It is really expensive.
  2. It is beautifully made. I mean it, it’s gorgeous. It is made from stainless steel, brass, and has some details (e.g., a dot of red paint) that make it look fantastic. It is precision made with high tolerances that give it a very pleasing, smooth feel.
  3. The locking mechanism is ingenious and unusual. I know of no other puzzle that uses the same principle.
  4. Like the best puzzles, it is easy and quick to solve if you know the trick.

That’s about it. Here’s a picture of it:

Tricklock T8

(I’ve included the Rubik’s Cube for scale.)

Other folks have reviewed it too:

So as you can see, everyone who plays with this puzzle is pretty impressed with it.

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