Update on Model #808

I have a couple of things to report about my Model #808 puzzle. First of all, I’m sold out (!). I’m kind of in shock because I had expected to sell two or three of them a month for the next couple of years, not all 106 of them in eleven weeks.

Second, if you’re trying to find one, I would suggest checking with these fantastic puzzle stores who have the #808 for sale:

Eureka! Puzzles in the U.S.

Puzzle Master in Canada

Oy Sloyd Ab in Finland

Third, I wanted to alert everyone that when you open the puzzle you will find two items inside that you probably don’t want to lose. One is a small red disc with the Pyrigan logo on it – it’s a token of my appreciation and tangible proof that you solved the puzzle! The other is a small metal piece that is part of the puzzle’s mechanism. I won’t describe it in any more detail because I don’t want to spoil the puzzle but if you lose that piece, the puzzle becomes much easier to solve. Normally the piece rests in a small cavity and won’t get away from you but if the puzzle were to be bumped while it is opened or if the lighting is poor and you don’t notice it, it might escape. If that happens, let me know and I will send you a replacement.

Fourth, here are some reviews:

PuzzleMad – Mike Desilets has been keeping an eye on my progress with #808 for some time and and I am incredibly flattered by his patience (3 years!) and his positive review. His review includes some pictures which look a lot better than the ones I took. Thanks, Mike!

Extremely Puzzling – Goetz Schwandtner has been reviewing puzzles on his blog since 2008 and his August 25th, 2017 post gives a review of #808 along with a picture. Goetz, it was a pleasure meeting you at IPP – see you next year I hope!

That’s it for now. Time to get cracking on Model #360!


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  1. I am the lucky owner of #33. Design of this puzzle is slightly similar to a puzzle that a very dear friend of mine gave me in the mid 1970’s. Would love to exchange an email or two regarding that (I miss both the friend and the now-gone-elsewhere puzzle).

    • Thanks for your interest! I will email you rather than guess at the puzzle you’re thinking of and possibly spoiling someone’s fun by accidentally providing a clue to solving #808.

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