Stewart Coffin’s #167 “Cruiser”

As I mentioned in my October post, I’ve been having fun making puzzles using designs I found on the web and one of them is Stewart Coffin’s 2D packing puzzle, #167, a.k.a. “Cruiser”. I’ve shown it to friends and family and it’s been a big hit so I reached out to Stewart about selling them. We exchanged some emails and met so I could show him the finished product:

He agreed! I have his permission to sell them and if you’re interested, you can buy one at my Etsy store.


Model #808 is Done!

Surf’s up! Dinner is served! Lift-off!

Well, the day has finally arrived and Model #808 is now available for purchase. There are only 106 of them – that’s all I made – so if you’re interested please head over to my Etsy store. And here it is:

I have to say, everything about this process took longer than I expected so it’s a great relief to have at last reached the finish line. I never would have guessed that I would go through fifteen design revisions and three machine shops over the course of almost three years. Well, I guess that just means Model #360 will be a cakewalk!

Storefront debut!

I’ve taken another important (albeit microscopic) step towards complete puzzle industry domination: I have opened an Etsy store. You can find it here. I have some extra square-to-pentagon and square-to-hexagon puzzles so if you want one, they’re a lot easier to obtain now.

One thing that has surprised me is how much people like the way these puzzles look and feel. I keep hearing I should sell them as dining room or living room accessories because they’re the right size to be coasters and because they look very modern and bright. I’m just a puzzle geek so I don’t really know what to make of this feedback. They call them “Puzzle Coasters”.

My friends say I should make more of an effort at selling them so I figure Etsy is a good way to put my toe in the online sales water.